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Google Voice

I’m gonna get a lil bit techno-centric on you. Now that I have an Android Google Voice is even more useful. My eyes are bugging out as I start digging into features.

Embedable Voicemails

One feature is the ability to embed voicemails you have received. I am not really sure what you would want that for— but, it’s pretty groundbreaking.

Voicemail Widget

Another interesting feature is the voicemail widget. I am sure no one would EVER abuse this. (Remember Google’s “Click-to-call” feature, which dissapeared nearly as quickly as it showed up? Didn’t think so. )

But I could see how this feature could potentially be very useful if you added a Google Voice number specifically for your business and then set-up a custom voicemail. It’s also a way to make it so people can call you without revealing your phone number to the relentless bots of the internet. I have set up a widget here where you can give me a call just to try it out.

Custom Voicemail for Callers

Speaking of custom voicemails, the feature that really got me is the custom greetings feature. You can create a custom voicemail for a contact, “Yo Chris, what up… bummed I missed your call… just txt me and we can hang later and catch up.” or for a group—and say have a voicemail for your family, friends, or business contacts. What-the-what!?

Online Texting

And finally, you can send text messages to your contact online! Yep, that’s right… no longer need to find out someones carrier and then use email to sms codes to txt them from a computer!

You have no idea what I am talking about… do you?

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