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Pink Monster ⚆⚆

My friend just got this pink cadillac. A beautiful monster of a machine. Today I am using it as a vehicle to transport myself closer to my artistic Self.

As long as I can remember I have identified myself as an artist. Some have been so bold as to declare my artistic qualities intrinsic, unavoidable, and quiet frankly a matter in which I have little or no choice.

However, I feel for the last few years— since I had my first and last gallery show(in which every piece was purchased off the walls thereby funding my move to San Francisco)— I have struggled with finding myself in a new city. Wherein most of my creative energies have been exhausted treading water, keeping my head above the surface, and taking care of basic amenities. As a result my only major works, though arguably the most well known work I have made as well as internationally acclaimed, came about through happenstance and sheer divine nonchalance rather than being a destination I reached by consciously picking a far off shore, charting a course, setting sail and staying the course.

I have been musing on work I created 5(+) years ago as if it were something I am still creating. And so I have decided to strip myself of the title of Citizen Artist, reclassifying myself as a Citizen,  so as to provide myself the opportunity to set out to consciously reclaim it. Retracing my artistic trajectory to when it was blossoming and evolving, grabbing hold of the reigns once again and setting back on course with a new gained vigor.


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