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Impossible Buildings

In the land of iPhoneography I have found a combination of filters from which a theme has emerged that I have been exploring over the last week: Impossible Buildings

Playing with a combination of apps I saw a local iPhone App Evangelist use, I stumbled across this recipe.

I have a natural affinity for pushing apps[anything really] to their limitations. The above photo resulted when I took an HDR Photofrom an extreme perspective and tested the limits of FrontView[LINK]. FrontView is an app designed to correct any undesired perspective… aka square your askew photos. So, of course, I wondered how it would work with a picture taken from an extreme angle.

The result was a beautiful, gently surreal building that resembled a wooden skyscraper.

I took the results and stretched them with Anticrop and then reflected them with a basic free reflection app until I had a new kind of tiny planet— an Impossible Building.

I am drawn to architecture, and as a friend pointed out… these photos are as much about the shape of the architecture as they are the sky.

Here’s the progression.

Law of convergence.

Impossible building.

Unpossible building

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